Research Topics


Research Group on Computer-Aided Engineering of Circuits and Systems (CAECAS)




The general research topics of interest for the CAECAS group include:

  • Computer-aided and knowledge-based approaches to modeling, simulation and optimization of passive and active devices, circuits and systems

  • CAD techniques for modeling, design and optimization of RF and microwave circuits, using high-frequency circuit simulators, EM simulators, and multiphysics simulators

  • Computer-aided modeling, design and optimization of RF and microwave circuits (including wireless and high-speed electronic circuits and devices) exploiting space mapping, surrogate modeling and artificial neural networks

  • Efficient optimization methods based on highly accurate but computationally expensive simulators

  • Statistical analysis and design of RF, wireless and microwave structures and devices, including statistical parameter extraction, yield optimization, and design for manufacturability

  • CAD methodologies for signal integrity and power integrity